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Guarantees transfers in Menorca

General Introduction is a registered trademark owned by Berlinas Menorca SL limited partnership and has its principal place of operation in C / ship ring 6, 3 door Sant Lluís Industrial Estate, Tax Identification Number B57331993, trade register number and governed by the laws of Spain. is responsible for the management of transfers for people from Menorca Airport to the most popular tourist destinations, booked on our website. In order to perform these services, uses the services of regular shuttle companies operating in Menorca.

Before booking online, we ask clients to carefully read the conditions of regulating contract, booking means you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions. If the customer does not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions unfortunately you cannot request a service through our website. For any questions or queries about travel conditions, contact our customer service.

With its website, offers the following types of transfer services in different vehicles, car (1-3 passengers), minivan (4-7 passengers) and bus (8-60 passengers):

  1. Shared transfer (shuttle): The customer buys one or more seats in a particular type of vehicle, and as a result, the transfer may be shared with other passengers. For this reason, the shuttle may make minor deviations or stops for some passengers entering or leaving the collection schedule and, in this case, can be anticipated or adjourned for up to one hour of time indicated in the booking and the client accepts these schedule changes. The variation of the schedules will be communicated by phone or e-mail customer service part of customer service . The shared transfer (shuttle) is usually made with a minibus or bus 9 seats to 60 seats but in some cases can be done with a smaller vehicle.
  2. Private Transfer: The client acquires exclusive shuttle service for him/herself and/or to a group of which he/she is part. The vehicle used is at the complete disposal of the customer for the service booked. The driver will take customers from the start point to the end point of the customer’s booking. , reserves the right to use the vehicle at the time of operation is available for the contracted service.
  3. c) Transfer VIP. The customer purchases a service performed entirely with luxury vehicles available from the start point to the end point of the customer’s booking

Online bookings

  1. When two or more persons are included in the same booking, or when this is done by someone else, the person making the reservation (customer) will be considered an agent with respect to the other group members (passengers) and therefore accepts the Transfers conditions for them.
  2. From the time of booking, the customer declares that he is an adult and ensures that all data provided corresponds to reality, is correct, complete and that the credit or debit card used is of his/her property and there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the service. will not be liable for errors during the booking and no refunds in the case of a missed service as a result of those mistakes. If these errors mean that or their suppliers have to provide a different service to that actually booked and as a result there are additional costs for the service (which will be communicated to customers through office ), the customer will pay the difference directly to the driver before servicing.
  3. Payment for the service is requested at time of booking. The customer’s booking is considered a "e; Reservation Request "e; which will be sent via email to www . and a copy, to the customer permitting debit to the credit card for an amount equal to the price of the requested service. -If can perform the requested service, the customer will receive, via email, the booking confirmation (service voucher) and the price of the service will be charged to the customer's credit card at the time of booking request. Sending the email is considered as proof of receipt by the customer. -If for any reason, can not provide such a service, the customer will receive via email, a cancellation of Reservation Request "e; "e;. In this case, the customer's credit card is not charged. The booking confirmation (service voucher) is, for all purposes, the ticket. This has to be printed, and shown to the driver before each transfer.
  4. It is the customer's responsibility to check that all the information printed on the ticket corresponds to the service request at the time of booking. Anomalies must be communicated via email to: before the execution of the service.
  5. The customer should provide a valid mobile phone number of one or more passengers, including the international code, in case there is any eventuality, resort departure times may vary in case of bad weather or heavy traffic or any other reason. If a customer does not have a mobile phone number, you must enter the local phone number of your resort or accommodation. Any variation of pick-up times will notified by phone or sms Services' 24 hours prior to transfer. We ask our clients to check any messages received from . In case the client does not specify any telephone contact during booking, you should contact www.menorca to check for possible changes of the booking. No refunds for customers whose schedule or any other changes resulting in clients missing their transfer was due to lack not communicating .
  6. All payments can be refunded only if Services are cancelled by
  7. Nothing can compromise consumer rights.
  8. The General Conditions are subject to the express terms in Spanish legislation. For any dispute that may arise between you and the court shall have jurisdiction of Menorca.


  1. Each passenger is allowed one piece of luggage and a handbag. Each piece of excess baggage should be indicated in the area "e; "e; Special baggage when booking. has the right to apply a surcharge to the cost for excess baggage when it involves the use of a larger vehicle than normally used for passenger numbers reserved.
  2. If the customer carries a golf bag or a bicycle for which a surcharge may be applicable to the price, this has to be indicated in the appropriate spaces in the reservation. Not doing so may result with or providers refusing to transport undeclared objects.
  3. All baggage must be perfectly labeled with the owner's name and address. The luggage will be transported under the sole responsibility of the customer, who is not entitled to a refund for a possible loss or damage to such baggage. Any forgotten luggage in the vehicle during the transfer will be delivered according to the customer’s indications who will also bear the costs.
  4. will make an effort to satisfy special demands indicated in the appropriate booking spaces, but these will not become obligations.


  1. will do everything in its power to reach the customer’s destination on schedule, but shall not be liable for the consequences suffered by the customer as a result of the impossibility of moving on time due to circumstances beyond control of , not directly related to the driver and / or force majeure (heavy traffic, weather conditions, unforeseen detours on the route of transportation, accidents, police checks, safety stops made by the authorities, etc.).
  2. In case the service is not carried out or completed, for a reason other than a force majeure or a by choice of the customer, the customer may file a documented request for a refund of the sum paid service.


  1. Smoking is not permitted on board.
  2. All service providers reserve the right to refuse to transport any person who may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or behaviour may be dangerous for the driver of the vehicle or other passengers.
  3. No passengers are allowed on vehicles carrying alcohol or narcotic substances in order to consume them on board.
  4. All vehicles are covered by their homeowners insurance liability under the laws of the country where the service is performed.
  5. All , are door-to-door transfers.

Cancellations, Changes, Refunds

Cancellations of reservations exclusively via email to and confirmed by . If you do not receive an email confirming the cancellation of the service, you must call the office www.menorca . Reservation cancellations must be made at least three days before the first date of the transfer. In this case, a penalty will not be applied and will reimburse the cost of the booked services and supplements if applicable, payment charges for credit card transaction or other means of payment are excluded from reimbursement. If cancellation is made within thethree days before the first date of service, the customer is not entitled to a refund. has the right to cancel any reservation at any time if it is unable to ensure a correct service, the customer will receive a refund for the price of the booked services.

Modifications to reserved transfers and supplements must be sent to booking @ menorca-transfer-services . com with a minimum of 24 hours before the transfer. If you do not receive an email acknowledging receipt of the modification, you should call the offices of www.menorca . reserves the right to refuse modifications. Cancellations of reservations must be made exclusively via email to and confirmed by . If you do not receive an email confirming the cancellation of the service, you must call the office www.menorca .

Any complaints and / or refund request must be sent to to the following email: within 30 days of the date of transfer.


Customers can make the reservation in a variety of languages. In case of discrepancies in the translations from Spanish to other languages of the site Spanish or English versions shall predominate as legal text.