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Frequently asked questions

What shall I do if my flight is delayed? will be awaiting your arrival at the airport, at all times monitoring flights with customers on board.
How will I find my driver at the airport?

Be sure to travel with the booking ticket to find your driver, who will be waiting with a sign with your name in the Arrivals Hall. For Port arrivals you will find him on the dock at the disembarking area.

One possible scenario due to operational reasons is that your vehicle may not be at the airport upon arrival. Our staff will keep you informed of the time you have to wait. Delay situations have no cost to the client.

What if I can't find the driver at the airport?
Go immediately to the third office next to the tourist information desk within the airport terminal, where you will find our staff for assistance.
How long will I have to wait at the airpoert once I have arrived.
If you have booked a private service, or VIP you will not have to wait, however, if you booked the shared shuttle service with preset time, your vehicle will depart according to that schedule.
I left something behind, How can I recover it?
Contact Call Centre, giving relevant information on the transfer and lost items. We’ll seek and return your belongings for free, if possible, otherwise you will pay only the delivery charge.
Do children pay?
All children, regardless of age, count as a passenger on any shuttle therefore must be included amongst the passengers when booking and pay for the seats occupied
Bookings; How do I go about a refund?
We suggest you read Terms and Conditions for special circumstances. All children, regardless of age, count as a passenger on any shuttle therefore have to be included amongst the passengers in the booking and pay for the seats occupied.
Can I ask for the drivers mobile phone number?
No. Please contact Call Centre for any questions or problems.
I have a lot of luggage and a bicycle, is there enough space in the vehicle?
Each passenger has a concession of a suitcase and a bag. When you book your transfer, you must indicate what type of luggage will bring; has the right to accept or refuse carriage of excess baggage, meaning that if we accept your baggage, we will inform the relative increase cost.
Can we stop at a supermarket or store during the trip?
Only if you have chosen the private service, and paying the driver a fee equal to the time spent, which is estimated at € 20.00 per hour or fraction
Can I book from home, a hotel or an office?
Yes, following the indications of our online service at, you may book any Shuttle Service, Private Service, or VIP Service
How far in advance must I book the transfer?
You must book at least 24 hours before transfer. Moreover, you can contact the Call Centre of to check availability.
Will our driver speak english?
The majority of drivers at speak english.
Must I share the vehicle with other passengers?
No, if you have booked a private service, Premium or VIP. Yes, if you have booked the Shuttle Service.
Which type of vehicles/buses do you use?
At our fleet of cars / minibuses is formed by fully equipped well-known vehicles (Ford, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, etc..) with more luggage space, connected to the office Central via mobile phones.
Can I travel with a wheelchair?
Yes, we have special vehicles for 4 passengers + 1 wheelchair or 12 passengers + 2 wheelchairs. You'll need to choose Adapted Transfer service when booking.
Which are your working hours for bookings and service?
Booking is available 24 hours, every day of the year, as is our vehicles service.
Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is not permitted on board our vehicles.
What if one of the passengers is under the influence of alcohol or demonstrates an abusive behaviour?
All service providers reserve the right to refuse to carry any person who may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or behaviour which may be dangerous for the driver of the vehicle or other passengers